Perfecting In Vitro Cardiac Contractility to Better Predict Human Physiology

Propria conducts in vitro cardiac contractility testing of disease models and new therapeutics. Scientists and pharmaceutical companies send their new compounds or gene therapies directly to Propria for one of our detailed testing services:

The Full Picture

Propria has created advanced human engineered heart tissues (hEHTs) for in-
depth contractile profiling. Our commitment to understanding and replicating muscle function has led to a system generating rich and easily interpretable datasets, providing a full contractile profile of human tissues.

Harness The Power

Propria hEHTs closely resemble the cellular composition of the adult human myocardium and exhibit isometric twitch kinetics that more reliably mimic human data than rodent model systems. This realistic human twitch generates meaningful and predictive data, reducing the risk of compounds in the early stages of drug discovery.

More Relaible Data

Propria’s advanced technology and refined design yield reliable hEHTs for precise treatment profiling. The thin, ribbon-like structures enable longer- term contractility testing within the oxygen diffusion limit, with built-in quality control ensuring accurate and consistent characterization.


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