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Welcome to the Music Competition

Lloyd, Jr


Charles Lloyd, Jr. is a musician of diverse gifts, and accomplishments as a composer, pianist, arranger, accompanist and vocal coach. Mr. Lloyd is presently Professor of Music and Director of Choirs at Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A native of Toledo, Ohio, he received a B.S. in Music Education from Norfolk State University and a M. M. in Piano Performance from the University of Michigan.

Explore My Work

Dive into the intricate melodies and powerful compositions that define Charles Lloyd, Jr.’s musical legacy. From instrumental pieces to operas and oratorios, each composition tells a unique story and reflects the deep emotions embedded in his work. Immerse yourself in the diverse range of his artistic expression.

Diverse Musical Palette

Explore a diverse range of musical compositions that showcase Charles Lloyd, Jr.’s mastery across various genres. Some notable works include:


  • Sonatina (Piano, 1970)
  • To a Condemned Neighborhood (Piano, 1999)
  • Testimony (Oratorio, SATB, Baritone, 1986)
  • Emmett Till (Opera, Two Acts, 2008)

Narrative and Emotion

Immerse yourself in the emotive storytelling woven into each composition. Experience the power of works such as:


  • Ruth (Opera, 1970)
  • Song of Solomon (Opera in one act, 1988)
  • Ballad of the Black Mother (Choral, Bass Voice, Double Bass or Cello, and Piano, 1978)

Featured Compositions

Step into the world of Charles Lloyd, Jr.’s exceptional compositions by joining our exploration of his musical legacy. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of his diverse works, each a masterpiece crafted with innovation, emotion, and cultural reverence.

Sonatina (Piano, 1970)

Begin your journey with the early brilliance of Lloyd's piano composition, a captivating piece that showcases his early mastery.

Testimony (Oratorio, SATB, Baritone, 1986)

Delve into the profound narrative and emotional depth of this oratorio, a testament to Lloyd's ability to create musical landscapes that resonate with the soul.

Emmett Till (Opera in Two Acts, 2008)

Witness the storytelling prowess of Lloyd through this opera, commissioned by Trilogy Opera Company, as it explores the tragic narrative of Emmett Till.

Connect with Us

Welcome to the official website of the Charles Lloyd, Jr. Music Competition, a platform that honors the legacy of a distinguished musician, composer, and educator. Explore the world of Charles Lloyd, Jr.’s profound musical contributions, and join us in fostering a community that celebrates creativity, talent, and passion for the art of music.

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