Junior Karate 5-7

Your Child’s Path to Confidence and Skill: Ages 5-7 Karate Program

At Safeguard Martial Arts, we understand the adventurous spirit of 5-7-year-olds. Our Beginner Karate Program is crafted to channel their energy into positive growth, teaching them not just martial arts, but essential life skills in a fun and engaging way.

Exciting Program Highlights:

  • Energizing Fitness: Enhancing agility and strength with each class.
  • Focus & Discipline: Shaping young minds to be attentive and responsible.
  • Building Confidence: Nurturing self-belief in every session.
  • Learning Respect: Encouraging kindness and good manners.
  • Safety Skills: Practical self-defense for everyday confidence.
  • Awareness Training: Bully Buster and Stranger Danger lessons for real-world preparedness.

Step into a Brighter Future

Join our family at Safeguard Martial Arts where your child’s journey in martial arts becomes an adventure in personal growth. Our dedicated instructors and supportive environment ensure a perfect blend of learning and fun. Enroll today and watch your child flourish into a confident, respectful, and disciplined young individual.

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Getting to Know Our Program

Who is this program for?

Perfect for kids aged 5-7 years, full of energy and curiosity.

What's the class schedule?

A variety of options! Classes are on Monday at 5:30 pm, Wednesday at 5:45 pm, Friday at 3:45 pm, and Saturday at 10:45 am, each lasting 45 minutes.

What will my child learn?

They’ll explore Shotokan karate with fundamental blocks, strikes, kicks, and essential life skills through Stranger Awareness and our Bully Buster program.

Is this program suitable for children on the spectrum?

Absolutely! Our program has been a thriving space for many children on the spectrum, helping them excel in a safe and nurturing environment.

How to Embark on This Exciting Journey?

Begin with our 2-week trial – a perfect start to see if this is their new favorite adventure. After that, they’re all set to join our karate family!