Youth Kickboxing 9-14

Youth Kickboxing at Safeguard: Fun, Fitness, and Growth for Ages 9-14

Step into a world of excitement with the Safeguard Martial Arts Youth Kickboxing Program! Designed for the spirited 9-14-year-olds, this program is a fantastic blend of kickboxing and key life skills. It’s where fun meets fitness and learning!

Program Highlights:

  • Enhancing Physical Skills: Watch your child grow stronger, faster, and more agile.
  • Quick Reflex Development: Fun drills to sharpen those reflexes and improve timing.
  • Mastering Kickboxing: Learn all the moves and techniques in a warm and friendly setting.
  • Building Team Spirit and Confidence: Fostering friendships and boosting selfesteem.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Foundations: Encouraging active living for lifelong wellness.

Join Our Kickboxing Family

In our Safeguard Youth Kickboxing Program, every class is an adventure. It’s not just about learning to kick and punch; it’s about growing up strong, confident, and connected. Your child will enjoy every moment of learning new skills, making friends, and becoming a part of our supportive kickboxing community. This is where lifelong passions for health and fitness begin. Enrol today to fully experience the thrill of kickboxing!

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9-14 Kickboxing Program

What Age Group Benefits Most from This Program?

Ideal for energetic youngsters between 9 to 14, who are keen on embracing new challenges.

How Does Our Kickboxing Program Stand Out?

We emphasize a balanced mix of fundamental skills, physical conditioning, and real-life application, focusing on accuracy and rhythmic skills.

In What Ways Does the Program Foster Mental Development?

The training is geared towards improving concentration, fostering disciplined habits, and enhancing the ability to make quick, smart decisions.

Can Beginners Thrive in This Program?

Definitely! We at Safeguard are committed to nurturing all levels, from complete novices to advanced learners

What’s the First Step to Joining?

Start your journey with a trial week to experience our classes firsthand, followed by a selection of comprehensive packages that cater to your needs!